[Histonet] Clarapath SectionStar

Jay Lundgren jaylundgren at gmail.com
Tue Sep 13 16:47:34 CDT 2022

If it does come out, it'll probably cost $9,000,000.00 anyway.  A lot of
places won't be able to afford it.  Anyway, research scientists are making
incredible advances in diagnosing cancer with circulating cancer dna blood
testing.  They can even tell if the tumor is primary or metastatic through
a blood test now!  Maybe that will make glass slides obsolete before they
can get this thing to market.

It's interesting though.  We're at the stage in robotics roughly equivalent
to the 1940s computer.  In the 1940s, you would build a computer for one
thing.  If you wanted a range finder, you built a range finding computer.
If you wanted a decoder, you built a decoding computer.

Then the concept of one computer that could do many different tasks with
different software came along.  So now, you can decode, play games,
communicate, edit video, etc., All with the same computer.

Right now, most of the robots in the world are either welders or painters
in car factories, some vacuum floors.  Here's a robot to section paraffin
blocks.  Single purpose.

But soon, sooner than we think, probably, we will have a single robot that
can weld your car, vacuum your floor, section your blocks, cook you dinner
in a Michelin star restaurant, and do heart surgery much better than any
human surgeon.

Then, there won't be any need for histotechs.

Or welders, or surgeons, or chefs, or...


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