[Histonet] 10% buffered formalin storage

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Pam, yes, the data sheet will say room temperature. But are you asking if it needs special ventilation?  If the bottle is sealed or has a well-sealing cap, then storing small quantities in the general lab is ok, so maybe a gallon or, better yet, several 500ml bottles. When we store in the general lab we keep the bottles as small as possible to prevent a large spill. 

However, if you have many gallons then, even if sealed, they should be stored in a well-ventilated area that is away from people. Either a dedicated chemical store room, or a chemical cabinet that is ventilated to the same ventilation system as the fume hoods. That is to prevent overwhelming fumes if one or more bottles should leak.

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> I have been trying to find if there are any special storage requirements for 10% buffered formalin.  All I am finding is room temperature.  How are you storing yours?
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