[Histonet] ICYMI: Travel vs. Perm an interesting article on things to consider and some new positions to check out!

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Thu May 5 09:58:03 CDT 2022

Hello Histonetters!!

I have been getting a lot of questions lately about working as a travel

Unfortunately, since I work exclusively in the permanent placement of
histotechs it is a subject that I don't know much about.


After doing some research I found a really great article.  Even though it is
primarily written for the IT field it does make some interesting points that
I think are relatable.  It is unbiased and really lays out the pros and cons
of travel vs. perm.


Here is that article that I found online!  If you have time to read it I
would love to know what you think!

Contractor vs Permanent Which is the right choice for you?



Histonetters, Check it out!


Here's why my clients are AWESOME:

*	All of these are full time permanent positions
*	My clients are offering stellar compensation, benefits and bonuses
up to 15K!

Some Are Paying As Much Or More Than Travel Positions!

*	Most are offering some sort of relocation/sign on bonus
*	They are willing to accommodate your travel plans and/or completion
of your travel assignment.

My clients are looking forward to showing you the opportunities they have to

Here are the types of positions I am recruiting for:


*Lead tech*

*IHC Specialist*

*Field Support Tech*

*Education/Training Specialist*

*Dermpath HT/HTL*

*Mohs Tech*

*Field Support Tech*

Histotechs needed in: Clinical, Biotech, AP, Oncology and Academic Settings!


Here are the locations:

*	Ohio
*	Florida
*	California
*	Texas
*	Utah
*	Tennessee
*	Georgia
*	Michigan
*	Wisconsin
*	Virginia
*	New York



Most of these are RELIA Exclusives!  That's right you will only see them

And New Opportunities are coming in on a daily basis!!


Again, ALL of these clients are offering full time permanent positions with
excellent compensation packages including VERY competitive pay rates,
fantastic benefits, relocation and/or sign on bonuses and a great team to
work with!!


I really appreciate you taking the time to read this e-mail and it means a
lot to me when you take the time to refer your friends and coworkers so to
show my appreciation I would like to offer you a 250.00 referral fee for
anyone you refer to me that I place.


So if you think you or someone you know might be interested please contact

*	I can be reached toll free at 866-607-3542.  866-60RELIA
*	Text or call me on my cell at 407-353-5070.
*	Or email me at:  <mailto:relia1 at earthlink.net> relia1 at earthlink.net 





Right Time, Right Place, Right Move with RELIA!

Providing excellent service exclusively to the Histology Community!


Thank You!
 Pam M. Barker 

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