[Histonet] For those of you interested in travel work!

HistoTrek histotrek at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 19:20:33 CST 2022

Hi histology friends!

With all the staffing shortages, overtime, and pandemic nonsense, it's 
very likely that you’ve heard about travel work a handful of times.

I am a travel histotechnologist who started traveling after COVID19 hit 
and the dynamic in my hospital lab changed A LOT. I was ready for 
something new!

I have been working on a *Getting Started with Travel Work* series on my 
blog and would like to invite everyone interested in travel work to 
check it out!

I publish every Wednesday, and the getting started series is nearly 

I’d love to get some feedback from the community about what is important 
to you, what you’d like to read about, and how I can help make the 
transition into travel work a little easier.

Please check out the website at https://www.histotrek.com, the travel 
series at https://histotrek.com/start-here/, and let me know your 
feedback! I am on all social media platforms at HistoTrek, or you can 
email me directly at contact at histotrek.com.

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