[Histonet] Multiple H&E stainer maintenance

Hanson, Leslie I :LLS Lab LIHANSON at lhs.org
Wed Sep 22 13:28:47 CDT 2021

Hi all,

We recently acquired a second H&E stainer and are working up a maintenance log. Looking for input from others who have already tackled this issue!

  *   Do you have a log for EACH instrument or one combined log?
  *   Do you have a space for listing reagent lots?
  *   What is your rotation schedule for changing reagents?
  *   Other tips and tricks are always appreciated!


Leslie Hanson, HT(ASCP)
Tech Specialist
IHC / Pathology
Phone: (503)944-7923
lihanson at lhs.org<mailto:lihanson at lhs.org>

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