[Histonet] Histonet Digest, Vol 206, Issue 1 New Tissue Processor? (Sandra Cheasty)

Steve McClain SteveM at mcclainlab.com
Fri Jan 8 12:59:20 CST 2021

While (conceptually) looking forward to the virtues of new and improved modern tissue processors w WiFi and SMS messaging capability, I fully expect to be operating the 1979 K-series for years to come.

I reckon we may be behind the times, but with regular annual maintenance, our  VIP5 and even more reliable K-series VIP processors refuse to die. These run/process 6 days a week and twice a day, if/when rapid processing is needed.

PS we also have two spare operational (but slightly hacked into) K-series processors from when we were contemplating an experiment in cold processing using refrigerated alcohols and xylenes to preserve some obscure research antigens. In hindsight, it was a goofy academic exercise and soon was abandoned and rarely mentioned, after we (meaning Joel) adjusted the antigen retrieval.

Now seriously, has anyone else ever modified their  tissue processor with a Saws-all? Please reply confidentially.

Steve A. McClain, MD
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