[Histonet] Other Histonet-like listservers?

John Kiernan jkiernan at uwo.ca
Fri Feb 12 14:08:13 CST 2021

Try this.

Glossary of Staining Methods, Reagents, Immunostaining, Terminology and Eponyms. Currently Version 1.2.
Version 2.0 with another 300 or so items will go online quite soon.

Other items at http://biologicalstaincommission.org include QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS - Staining, histochemistry and histotechnology FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions),  Version  2.0 November 2019, at https://biologicalstaincommission.org/faqlist.htm, and information about BSC-certified stains.

There's also Bryan Llewellyn's StainsFile site:  https://stainsfile.info/xindex.html, Last updated January 2019.

John Kiernan
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Hi all, I'm going to give a presentation on online histology help sites like Histonet and the NSH Block. Does anyone know of other listservers that can be of help to histotechnologists in all fields? I checked the MSA EM listserver but it is down for some technical reason.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Tim Morken
Supervisor, Electron Microscopy/Neuromuscular Special Studies
Department of Pathology
UC San Francisco Medical Center

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