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I have found that that this gives a pleasing tinctorial result:

Haematoxylin and Eosin


Traditional HE procedures generally worked poorly on GM sections, with background staining of the plastic embedment and the loosening of sections from glass slides when alcoholic eosin is used. Aqueous solutions tend to stain poorly.

Sections are firstly stained with Celestine blue, followed by a regressive Harris's haematoxylin (excess stain is removed from the plastic with acid alcohol). The sections are then counterstained with buffered eosin Y/Phloxine B.


1.   Celestine Blue - Iron Alum
2.   Harris's Haematoxylin
3.   Buffer for Eosin Y/Phloxine B.
          Solution A    2.875ml Glacial Acetic acid in 500ml distilled water.
          Solution B    4.1g Sodium Acetate in 500ml distilled water.

          150 ml Solution A + 350 ml Solution B. pH to 4.85.

4.   Eosin Y/Phloxine B.
          Eosin Y (CI 45380)            5g.
          Phloxine B (CI 45410)     0.5g.
          Buffer                        500ml.
          Add 2 crystals Thymol.


1.	Hydrate sections.
2.	Stain in Celestine Blue 15 minutes.
3.	Wash in running water.
4.	Stain in Harris's Haematoxylin 15 minutes.
5.	Wash, differentiate and blue till surrounding plastic is clear.
6.	Stain in buffered Eosin for 6 minutes.
7.	Wash lightly in running water.
8.	Differentiate in alcohol till surrounding plastic is clear.
9.	Clear in Xylene and mount.


Castro,M.D., (1985) "A Haematoxylin - Eosin Phloxine Stain for tissues embedded in Glycol Methacrylate" J. Histotechn 8(1); 23-24.

Green,G.H.,Kurnein,F., (1981)  "Glycol Methacrylate embedding in General Histopathology " ACP Broadsheet 97.

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Hello All,

I was wondering if anyone has a good Hematoxylin and Eosin (H&E) staining protocol for JB4 embedded specimens?


Keena Leon Guerrero
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