[Histonet] HT/HTL BOC application?

Jayasri Narasimhan narasimj at ohsu.edu
Sat Sep 12 12:18:13 CDT 2020

Hi Everyone,

I applied to Route 2 of the HTL exam - submitted around August 20th. Has anyone applied for exams this year? Will it really take the full 45 days (or longer) or were you qualified sooner than that? I understand with the epidemic everything is going to take longer. I'm trying not to sound impatient - just curious!

Also, I want to thank everyone who has participated in histonet over the years. I came into histology by chance, but it's now my life. The posts on here have been a lifesaver and I'm so lucky to learn from the experience of you all who have been working in histology - whether it's been 20 years or two. Stay safe and keep well!

Jay N  - Research Assistant 2

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