[Histonet] Glycogen detection

Hobbs, Carl carl.hobbs at kcl.ac.uk
Sun Mar 8 13:40:10 CDT 2020

Q has been answered: fix in "10% Formalin" made up from concentrated liquid which has 10% Alcohol to retard reformation of paraformaldehyde polymers.
Once the 40% liquid has been diluted to 4% the fixative effects of alcohol are minimised.
Alcohol does not dissolve glycogen ( otherwise the dehydration stage of Pwax processing would)
The Main Man JK has OK'd this.
I am glad that he still posts/passes on his extensive knowledge!
I can see further by having his shoulders to stand on....
Glycogen is still demonstrable ( with PAS) but, as JK pointed out, the Formalin will "push" the glycogen up to the plasma membrane as it fixes the proteins, giving what I learnt to call "streaming" artefact
 In 2014, I posted an image  in Histonet Images of glycogen streaming in a FFPWS skin section stained with PAS.
Have a look?

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