[Histonet] X-gal staining

H. Etchevers heather.etchevers at inserm.fr
Sun Jan 12 14:02:44 CST 2020

I agree with Carl about the X-gal activity being destroyed by processing 
for paraffin sections (I'm a researcher, not a histologist).

However, in our hands the anti-b-galactosidase antibody, reference 
A-11132, from ThermoFisher DOES work on paraffin sections (many others 
don't). It has been published with subsequent incubation with a 
biotinylated secondary (Vector BA-1000) and standard procedures 
thereafter to show good signal with DAB. We do immunofluorescence.

MPBio used to sell a good polyclonal for this purpose, but it has since 
been discontinued.

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