[Histonet] Routine H&E frozen section protocol

Porter, Amy portera at msu.edu
Fri Apr 24 07:26:28 CDT 2020

Fix in 10% NBF - 10 minutes
Rinse in running tap water - 5 minute
Rinse in distilled water
Gill 2 Hematoxylin - 1 1/2 minutes
1% Glacial Acetic water - 3 dips
Running water - 2 minutes
(we do not need bluing agent - our water takes care of it)
95% Ethanol -2 minutes
1% Eosin/Phloxine - 2 minutes
95% Ethanol - 2 minutes
Remaining dehydration in absolute ethanol & xylene - 2 mintues rest of the way down

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Hello Histonet,

My name is John Raible, and I work at the VA medical center in Minneapolis. I am trying to find routine H&E frozen section staining protocols for an automated linear stainer. My lab recently got one, and I was asked to research staining protocols Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all. Stay safe and healthy!

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