[Histonet] Spectra

warda hassan redrose297 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 19 04:36:43 CDT 2020

Good Morning to all

Thanks in advance to all who would help with their feedback on the
automation of H/E staining,
Initially we have installed Spectra-Leica for H/E
The feedback from pathologist is the stain is bit on bluish and eosin is
We did altered and reached to 2 min of Hematoxylin and 11 min Eosin
But unfortunately the stain consistency is not stable as after every 2-3
racks level of reagents reduces so we top up as we do the intensity of it
Second issue is Turn around time, each rack takes 45mins, so tried adding
up new protocol as copy but the machine keeps a gap of 12mins in picking up
the slides for staining !
If anyone of you have experienced with Leica automation
Please your feedback on above would be of a great help
Thank you so much

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