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Patricia Latham pslath at gwu.edu
Tue May 14 18:54:30 CDT 2019

Hello to users of the Histonet listserve. I would like to let the community
know that there is a position available in the Research Pathology Core Lab
at George Washington University School of Medicine in Washington, DC.  I am
providing the following job description.
Feel free to contact me directly by email with any questions you may have,
but I also encourage you to apply on-line, if you are interested, at GWJobs
- Lab Associate.
Pat Latham, MD - Lab Director

*Full-time Research Assistant – Histotechnologist and Laboratory Manager*

            A position is available for a histotechnologist for a Research
Pathology Core Lab in the *GWU School of Medicine and Health Sciences* in
Washington, DC. This person will be expected to maintain a histology
laboratory, including ordering of supplies, washing glassware and
maintaining equipment for optimal function, daily logs with inventory of
specimens and blocks, labeling of samples and slides, tissue processing and
embedding, microtome and cryostat sections, routine stains, special stains
and immunostains with appropriate controls, as required to meet the needs
of researchers at GWU. This person will need to work independently to
deliver excellent quality results in a timely manner. The person should
have strong communication skills and managerial skills, since there will be
a need to work with researchers in several labs and to maintain inventory
from several sources, to keep track of the flow of specimens and charges.
The position will require data entry into an audit-trail database and the
maintenance of meticulous records. This person should have some experience
in laboratory research, implementation of new techniques and the ability to
trouble-shoot problems that might arise in this setting.
*Entry level qualifications:*

·      Bachelor’s degree in a clinical science with a course in Histology
or equivalent combination of training and experience.

·      Experience working in a research setting.

·      Eligible (with certification pending) or certified as a
Histotechnologist or Histotechnician by the American Society for Clinical

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