[Histonet] Cameras in the gross room

Miranda Giorgi mgiorgi at incdx.com
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Hello Izak,

The cameras at embedding show a view of the embedding hot plate and embedders lap.  I would be surprised to meet a histo tech who has never experienced a piece of tissue popping out of a cassette when opening it up.  The cameras are useful for identifying where the tissue might have jumped to.  In addition, should there be any other type of error or floater tissue in a block, the cameras can be reviewed to see where the mystery tissue came from.  When trouble shooting source of errors you can also check to see if the techs are following best practices, like cleaning tools after each use and cleaning the hot plates between blocks.  Having cameras at gross and embedding allow you to determine at what point floaters could have been introduced in the process or reconcile any discrepancies between gross and embedding.  Without the cameras, we could only make our best guess when it comes to troubleshooting.  By reviewing camera footage it is easier to identify the real root cause of an issue so that you can improve your process and reduce future errors.

In addition to histology, we also have cameras in our accessioning area where the specimens are initially received.  I work for a company with multiple labs throughout Washington.  We recently opened a new facility and it did not have cameras set up for the first six weeks or our operations.  It was a great reminder of how helpful and important these cameras are.  We would never go back to a camera free environment. Our cameras are IQeye cameras, and the camera footage is managed by OpenEye video surveillance software.   I hope this is helpful information.

Miranda Giorgi

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Dear Miranda Giorgi:

What is the purpose to have cameras, especially at the embedding station?

What kind of cameras do you use?

Thank you,

Izak Dimenstein
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