[Histonet] staffing and qualifications

Jennifer Clark jennc976 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 14:45:33 CDT 2018

I am looking for some articles or something substantial that can help me
approach the doctor I work for.  The office manager (private lab and the
office manager has no idea about working in the lab area) is trying to not
replace my part time helper.  There used to be 2 full time HTs until about
4 years ago.  For the longest time it was just myself until I finally
convinced the office manager to hire someone for at least PT.  That PT
helper is leaving and they tried to put a medical assistant up here with me
2 days a week who has no science background, only college is business.

 I need something to show that there needs to be someone with science
background in college to embed, cut, stain, etc.  I also need some
information on how much is too much for one HT.  Currently there are 2
doctors (only one read slides) and 3 Physician Assistants. About 6,500
cases for H&E (hand stained) last year, we do 5 IHC stains (automated), and
6 different special stains.

Thank you,

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