[Histonet] Bausch & Lomb Microscope Manual

Joseph Esposito JosephE at mcclainlab.com
Thu Jun 28 13:02:36 CDT 2018

My employer recently purchased a Bausch & Lomb binocular microscope that he intends to give to a friend. He would like a pdf of the instruction manual to give them with the scope, however after conducting several web searches we were unable to find the correct instruction manual for the microscope that he purchased. After looking over the microscope for a bit, we were unable to find a model number, but we were able to find what seemed to be a serial number printed on the microscope. The serial number is 16033-443. Hopefully this helps to identify the model of the scope. I was told it was a Bausch & Lomb Dynoptic, but it has a mirror as the light source instead of having a light source in the base of the microscope. If anyone recognizes the description of this microscope and knows where we can get a pdf of the instruction manual for it, that would be greatly appreciated.

Joseph A. Esposito
McClain Laboratories, LLC.
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