[Histonet] Find some shade and a cool drink and please take a minute to peruse the RELIA Histology Careers Bulletin for 6-19-2018.

Pam Barker relia1 at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 19 10:42:35 CDT 2018

Hi Histonetters,
How are you?  I hope you are having a great week like me!  
The phones haven’t stopped ringing
Things are heating up just like the temps!
So I thought I would shoot you a quick email and let you know about some new
opportunities that came in late last week and over the weekend.

I am really excited because these are great opportunities with stable
companies experiencing growth, some are even RELIA EXCLIUSIVES!!!

If you have vacations already planned my clients understand.  
You won’t have to change your plans if you change jobs.

So Histonetters if you have a second grab a patch of shade and a cool
beverage and take a second to browse the list of my current openings.
I have histology leadership opportunities in:
• California
• Ohio
• Maine
I have histology technician/technologist opportunities in:
• Texas
• Ohio
• California
• North Carolina
• The Florida Panhandle

All of my clients offer excellent compensation, benefits.
Some offer relocation assistance and or sign on bonuses.
All of these jobs are full time & permanent.

If you or anyone you know is interested in hearing more about any of these
opportunities please contact me.  

If I place someone you refer to me you will earn a referral bonus!! 

 I can be reached ASAP on my cell at 407-353-5070 or e-mail me at
relia1 at earthlink.net  or call me toll free at 866-607-3542.


Right Place, Right Time, Right Move with RELIA!

Thank You!
 Pam M. Barker
Pam Barker
President/Senior Recruiting Specialist-Histology
RELIA Solutions
Specialists in Allied Healthcare Recruiting
5703 Red Bug Lake Road #330
Winter Springs, FL 32708-4969
Phone: (407)657-2027
Cell:     (407)353-5070
FAX:     (407)678-2788
E-mail: relia1 at earthlink.net 

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