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Not all objectives "are created equally"."In the beginning" (as in Genesis) the objective "was created" to be used on microscopes with essentially two different focal distances, i.e. 160mm and 170mm. By the 1950's the ∞ corrected objective appeared to simplify somewhat the situation BUT every manufacturer tried that all their objectives were "par-focal" meaning that you could switch from one objective to the next and the virtual image remained "in focus".That is the crux of the issue: a virtual image permanently in focus, and that cannot be obtained between objectives from different manufacturers because their sizes (lengths) are different, and their focal points may also differ.So, putting it simply, unless you are willing to refocus with either your "macro" or "micro" knob (focusing wheel) you will need to buy all your objectives from the same manufacturer (brand).René 

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 Are all microscope objectives universal between brands or do you have to
buy the objectives from the company that manufactured it?


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