[Histonet] inhouse procedures in histotechnics

Gudrun Lang gu.lang at gmx.at
Sun Jun 10 10:04:29 CDT 2018


What would you say is an inhouse-procedure in a typical clinical histo-lab. The question is regarded to accredidation in quality


I'm asked to make a list of all inhouse-procedures. Special staining protocols? Immunhisto on stainer? 

I think histolabs are hardly comparable to typical medical/chemical labs with mainly commercial kits on instruments. 
Changing some duration of a staining incubation to get a better result - is this inhouse-made then??

What is the golden standard of all our stainings to refer to? Giemsa 1901? Masson 1929? Klebs (Paraffin embedding) 1871?
Wissowzky,Busch (H&E) 1876?   Mayer (hemalaun) 1891?  ... and so on; you know what I mean?


I think this is similar to a restaurant-kitchen, where each recipe is usually inhouse-made, although everyone is cooking "Pasta". 
Especially if you do the stainings by hand. (grumbling....)


I know QM makes the lab-world better, but sometimes it is too much for me. ; )


Would be happy to get some input.

thanks in advance


Gudrun Lang


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