[Histonet] Specialty tech position - Dallas area - ASAP

Cheryl tkngflght at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 19 09:38:11 CDT 2018

Good morning 'netters!
My sister lab is seeking a specialty histotech - more in line with research type work.   Day shift, flexible hours and VERY well compensated.   Will need to start quickly ( in 2-4 weeks).
Frozen section work with a dissection microscope, IHC and some routine and specials staining and a lot of detailed microscope work. Work needs to be PERFECT - not fast.  
If you're a detail-oriented person who gets jazzed by creating gorgeous slides - this is for you.
Open to MTs who can cut, as well as HT/HTL applicants.   Training for specific techniques and reading protocols provided.   Will eventually grow to a team of 4-5 techs in the unit.  The first tech in will help build out, set up and validate -  I'll be your partner for the build and ramp up to production.  It will be fun and rewarding - love that awesome feeling of "I DID THIS!!"  
Send resume - please note that references, background check and drug testing part of hiring process.
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