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Actually, the verification of instrument performance is a CAP All Common Checklist Requirement and should already be a part of laboratory procedure. 
COM.30550	Instrument/Equipment Performance Verification	Phase II
The performance of all instruments and equipment is verified  prior to initial use, after major maintenance or service, and after relocation to ensure that they run according to expectations.
NOTE: Instrument/equipment performance verification (NOT to be confused with validation or verification of the test method performance specifications) includes processes to verify that the instruments and equipment perform according to expectations for the intended use and within defined tolerance limits. If instruments or equipment are moved, the laboratory must perform appropriate function checks to ensure that they were not adversely affected by the relocation process or changes due to the new environment. This does not apply to portable equipment used following the manufacturer's instructions.
Evidence of Compliance:
✓	Written procedure to verify proper functioning of instruments and equipment prior to initial use, after major maintenance or service, and after relocation AND
✓	Records of appropriate function checks

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It was cytology, but could be histology just as easily!


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