[Histonet] Unused TissueFaxs Analysis-System (TissueQuest & HistQuest)

Dr. Michael Gudo (Morphisto GmbH) michael.gudo at morphisto.de
Wed Oct 18 07:38:37 CDT 2017

Hello Histonetters,

I am not sure if this question reaches the right persons here, but I try to place my question here:

We have purchased a complete TissueFaxs-Akquisition and Analysis-System from TissueGnostics a few years ago for a research project.  However, the project is finished for about 1 or 2 years, and now the Analysis System (TissueQuest and HistoQuest) will be not used here any more. I think it is not a very profitable to have this system here standing around, so I am wondering if there is anybody or any lab who might be interested in purchasing this system.

Here are the information about the two Applications:
http://www.tissuegnostics.com/en/products/analysing-software/histoquest <http://www.tissuegnostics.com/en/products/analysing-software/histoquest>

It is installed on a HP Computer with a hardware dongle and we would like sell the complete system for a fair price for the PC and the licences of both applications.

So, if there is anybody here in this community who is interested, please contact me personally. I can offer you more information about the PC and the software version, etc. and we can also discuss a possible price.

With best regards

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