[Histonet] Histonet Digest, Vol 167, Issue 12

Sally Price sprice2003 at gmail.com
Tue Oct 17 17:00:42 CDT 2017

I beg to differ with what seems to be the general consensus, but the Dako
handbook is not really representative of the available technology within
the IHC field and shouldn't be thought of as a prescription for
success.  All the Dako book addresses is Dako's methods, reagents and
instruments, which is pretty biased.  In order to properly prepare for the
ASCPs exam, one needs to think beyond reagents and automated systems and
REALLY understand the underlying science.  I've attended a number of
seminars on this subject and learned that, especially because of recent
changes to this test, one also needs to understand the clinical application
of these procedures.  More and more we're called upon to provide
pathologists with support in the way of procedure validation and
troubleshooting and we need to learn a great deal more than can be learned
from reading one vendor's publication.

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