[Histonet] Substitute Mohs Tech

Katie Katie at PuyallupDerm.com
Wed Oct 4 12:47:59 CDT 2017

Hello Histonetters,

This is a question for techs that are also Mohs techs.  We are looking to hire a new “back-up” Mohs tech, to cover my illnesses, and vacations.  The question is if it would be more beneficial to have a tech that is local to us that is able to be trained by us, and step in a few times per year, or to hire someone from one of the firms that runs Mohs on a regular basis.  

Does anyone have experience with significant gaps in time between Mohs days?  Is it “like riding a bike”, where you can efficiently jump in?  

Thank you,

Katie Riley
Technical Supervisor of Dermatopathology
Puyallup Dermatology Clinic
katie at puyallupderm.com

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