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Do you have a Pathology Residency Program?  If so, good luck with a policy that states that requests will be sent out in 48 hours.  Our policy is 3-5 business days once we receive the request.  Having said that, most requests are processed in 2-3 days.


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Really? You want to compare your lab to Amazon? If you have stock on-hand, located in one place, have robots to retrieve it, people who do nothing but pack boxes and trucks standing by to take any order at any time of day, then you are in the league of Amazon and can receive an order and send it out within an hour.

However most of us first need to find the material to send out - slides? where are they? Pathologist, resident? waiting to be filed? Removed from file by someone else? Can't find anything in THAT office...Same with blocks - not in file, is there a card telling who took it? Maybe for recuts, maybe for research, then back into the batch to be filed. Look 5 different places. Frozen tissue is usually easier but, whoops...already sent some out for another requested test...

Anyway, that is what my experience is!

We don't have any set time requirement. It could be an hour or a few days depending on if can easily find the material they want to send. Usually it is within a day.

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Hi Histoland!

We have been reviewing our send out procedures and I have been tasked with researching what TAT's other institutions define.  Currently, we allow 48 hours for the preparation of "orders" to the time sent out.  Is this reasonable?  Do other facilities allow more or less time?

I feel like Amazon can get something to my door step in a matter of hours, so I must be missing something obvious in our steps that could be simplified, but I can't put my finger on it.  Any feedback on what others are doing is greatly appreciated.

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