[Histonet] Disposal of Bouin's Solution

Hobbs, Carl carl.hobbs at kcl.ac.uk
Sat May 13 12:33:30 CDT 2017

"I agree it is very dangerous.  When I discovered a dried bottle of picric acid someone had donated to the school right after I first came to the university.  I had to call the fire department and the bomb squad came to get it.  They took it to the firing range and blew a huge sized whole in the ground, this was a small bottle of picric acid.  Of course we made the local news, but get rid of it if possible or keep it under water as Fred says. "

Chuckle....why didn't you just wet it?
It would only be "dangerous " if you hit it with a hammer 

The explosive used was FAR bigger than the bang from one bottle of Picric acid
The story about a factory involved in Picric acid explosion involves ....several magnitudes higher than any volume stored in a Lab

In the volumes used in a laboratory.....not really a problem unless used TOTALLY  incompetently/maliciously

Sure....if incompetence is there....you will get a bang akin to that one used to be able to buy from a Joke shop.

 FORMALIN is toxic, poisonous...it KILLS
Don't use it!
Do we stop using it?

In a well- run laboratory, I am FAR more concerned regarding the toxicity of stepping outside of my lab into the street where them cars are continuously spewing out far more toxic fumes.
Yep....also the particulate matter from them car tyres that we breath in 
Does anyone regulate this?
So, all you car drivers that are concerned re them small amounts of laboratory Picric acid....think again.

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