[Histonet] Refurbished Leica RM2135

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From sugh expensive blades can be done more very good sections (at 3 microns) from any difficult type tissue.
These investments will pay off very quickly.
Maxim Peshkov

>Вторник,  2 мая 2017, 21:16 +03:00 от "Howery, Jeff L" <Jeff.Howery at kadlecmed.org>:
>But, high profile knives are more expensive. This is due to the increased amount of Stainless steel needed to make them. 
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>Sandra, high profile blades was better for me, because they are harder and more durable than low profile of any manufacturer. Also I recommend for you to try Surgipath DB80HS. They must better than 818. I regret that not having bought a holder for a high profile blades.
>Leica makes the blade holders only for one type blades (low or high).
>Microm's blade holder made for both type blades.
>Maxim Pehkov
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