[Histonet] Newbe help

Keith Brown phruntedeske at gmail.com
Mon Mar 6 10:08:47 CST 2017

I've looked through the archives of this group to little avail. If i missed
an answer to my questions that was previously posted to this list, my

I'm looking to get into the histotech field, but I'm not sure how to go
about it. I'm changing careers after 20 years as a journalist. I have an
associates and a bachelor's degree, neither of which are in anything
remotely science-y: Liberal Arts and Journalism, respectively.

I live in New Jersey, where there does not appear to be any histology
training programs, yet most of the jobs I see posted throughout the state
want a certification.

I have a friend in Seattle who fell into histology after journalism, but he
admits he got lucky and still does not have a certification. He gets paid
slightly less, he says, but not by much. It sounds like a good career
choice for me, but I'm not sure how to get it started.

Any and all advice is appreciated.



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