[Histonet] Selling a Ventana Discovery XT

Allan Wang allanw at biomax.us
Fri Feb 10 13:30:33 CST 2017

Hello list,

The last message reminded me:

My lab is upgrading from the Discovery XT to the Ultra so we're selling the
XT. We're offering it for a great price compared to new. It'll come with
the computer, slide label printer, accessories, and all the reagents -
everything needed to get started. It's only been used for 7 months and is
still under the original first year service contract (doubt it will
transfer though)

If anyone is interested, I'd be happy to discuss the pros and cons of the
system. It is located in Rockville, MD.

Here is an example of a double stain:

Allan Wang
Lab Manager
US Biomax

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