[Histonet] slide labeler advice for research lab

Maria Mejia mbmphoto at gmail.com
Mon Sep 19 17:26:08 CDT 2016

Our research lab is in the market for a slide labeler. We are an IHC research lab (NOT clinical) working on both
paraffin & thick free-floating human whole brain & brainstem sections. Since the lab has never used a 
slide labeler before (we’ve been manually making our labels), the labeler should be easy to use, so 
no one has to spend a lot of time figuring & programming the unit. Since we use paraffin standard glass
slides as well as 2 inche x 3 inch glass slides, we need a labeler that we could create formats for different sample
sizes and types e.g. ID #, Casp 6 + TH IHC + (name of counterstain used) & date..etc.
The unit should also have barcoding capabilities.

Any advice or suggestions are appreciated. Vendors welcome also.

Maria Mejia
Lead Histologist
Memory & Aging Center

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