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Once you start substituting things in an original recipe, the outcome cannot be expected to be what the original recipe was supposed to deliver.Iodine crystals cannot be substituted by Lugol because, besides the iodine also contains its salts. and alcohol. They are two completely different things. This is the same as using Harris hematoxylin without mercury, you can keep calling it Harris, but it no longer will stain the same. Finally I do not see any advantages of Movat's pentachrome over a good Masson. Just my opinion but I think you are embarking in a complex process with little chance of finishing with the expected results.René 

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 Hi Histonetters!

I’m gearing up to perform a pentachrome stain. I will be making this in
house and not using a kit. Through searching histonet, I’ve found a
protocol used by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia Pathology Core.

Two things:  Iodine crystals are out of the question. Can I replace that
with Lugol’s iodine solution or should I just substitute Weigert’s for the
hematoxylin in this protocol?

Also, saffron vs tartrazine vs Orange G stain.  There is a real difference
in price. Does anybody have a personal preference in terms of quality or
aesthetics? Is paying the extra money for saffron really worth it?



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