[Histonet] Books and Atlases- Part 2 (with pricing and more books added)

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Hi all,

Thanks for all the responses to my previous post.  I really want to pass these along rather than trash them.

I updated the list and included my asking price. In addition I have a second list of free books - provided you purchase a book or books (one free book per purchase).

I'll pay for shipping within the continental US.

Couldn't be easier....please help me find a new home for these. I realize some are older, but histology and anatomy hasn't changed much.  You can Google the ISBN# or copy and paste the ISBN# into Amazon Books ISBN locator for more info on these.

I think they priced fairly, but I can negotiate.

Here is the more recent list:
Short Protocols in Molecular Biology 4thEd;   ISBN 0-471-32938-X  $25.00
Antigen Retrieval Techniques: Immunohistochemistry and Molecular Morphology;   ISBN 1-881299-43-0 SOLD
Diagnostic Immunohistochemistry 2nd Ed;   ISBN 0-443-06652-3  SOLD
Atlas of Dermatopathology;   ISBN 0-7216-4886-X  $50.00
Atlas of UroSurgical Anatomy;   ISBN 0-7216-3955-0  $30.00
Comparative Anatomy and Histology: A Mouse and Human atlas;   ISBN 978-0-12-381361-9  $80.00
Human Histology 2nd Ed;   ISBN 0-7234-2485-3  $40.00
A Color Atlas of Histology;    ISBN 0-673-99190-3  $10.00
Color Atlas of Histology 3rd Ed;  ISBN 0-683-30642-1  $10.00
Histology for Pathologists 2nd Ed;    ISBN 0-397-51718-1  SOLD
Immunochemistry (LabFax);  ISBN1-872748-05-8   $12.00
Immunological Reagents & Solutions: A Laboratory Handbook ;   ISBN 1-881299-29-5   $15.00
Atlas of Normal Histology 6th Ed;   ISBN 0-8121-1126-5   $12.00
Histologic Preparations: Common Problems and Their Solutions;   ISBN 978-0-930304-95-9  $50.00
Analytical Morphology: Theory, Applications & Protocols (soft cover);   ISBN 1-881299-03-1   $15.00
A Color Atlas of Sectional Anatomy of the Mouse;   ISBN 4- 900659-58-4  $50.00
Gray's Anatomy 13th Ed;   ISBN 0-8121-0644-X    $15.00
Primate Brain Maps: Structure of the Macaque Brain;   ISBN 0-444-50415-X   $50:00
At Atlas of Primate Gross Anatomy: Baboon, Chimpanzee, and Man   ISBN  0-89874-321-4  $50.00
Color Atlas of Nonhuman Primate Histology;   ISBN 3-8055-6879-7  $25.00
Structure of the Human Brain: A Photographic Atlas 3rd Ed:  ISBN 0-19-504357-X   $20.00
Atlas of the Rabbit Brain and Spinal Cord;  ISBN 3-8055-3814-6  $40.00
Laboratory Methods in Histotechnology (AFIP- red cover);   ISBN 1-881041-00-X  $40.00

Here is the free book list:

A Textbook of Histology 10th Ed;   ISBN 0-7216-1757-3
Essential Immunology 6th Ed;   ISBN 0-632-01994-8
Antibody Applications: Essential Techniques;   ISBN 0-471-95698-8
Protein Localization by Fluorescence Microscopy: A Practical Approach;   ISBN 0-19-963741-5
Techniques in Immunocytochemistry, Vol. 2;   ISBN 0-12-140405-6
Tissue In Situ Hybridization: Methods in Animal Development;   ISBN 0-471-16403-8
The Cell: Its Organelles and Inclusions - Atlas of Fine Structure;  ISBN 0-7216-3585-7
Ham' s Histology 9th Ed;  ISBN0-397-50681-3
Basic Histology 6th Ed:   ISBN 0-8385-0575-9
The Human Brain: An introduction to Its Functional Anatomy 5th Ed;  ISBN0-323-01320-1
Gross Pathology: A Color Atlas;   ISBN 19-519797-6
Color Atlas of Histopathology;  ISBN 0-19-519151-X
Animal Processing Manual 1st Ed; Nat. Soc for Histotechnology
Dictionary of Human Neuroanatomy   ISBN 3-540-66523-4


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