[Histonet] Tunel with Apoptag

Amos Brooks amosbrooks at gmail.com
Tue Oct 11 09:33:21 CDT 2016

     I am contentedly using the Millipore (Chemicon) Apoptag IHC kit for
Tunel stains. It works great... *BUT* I have been getting requests for a
fluorescent tag rather than a chromogenic. The contents of the fluorescent
kits are identical except for the anti-Dig. In the chromogenic kit is HRP
tagged and the fluorescent is IF tagged. All I need is the IF tagged part,
but wouldn't you know it, they don't sell just that part. No, you need to
buy the whole dang kit for the one component you need. So, clearly I need
to find an alternative fluorescent tagged anti-DIG antibody that would
detect this TDT enzyme. Any suggestions?


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