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This should help...the IHC "test" is the pathologists' INTERPRETATION of IHC stain.  The stain procedure, validation of protocols and controls, and lot to lot validation must be signed off by a pathologist.
 Any tech that has demonstrated competency in performing the procedure, can perform IHC staining. Any tech can also perform an antibody work-up, provided the "results" are signed off by a pathologist.

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So I know I am going to open Pandoras box,, but have people been paying attention to the Personal requirements from CAP.

I called the CAP and asked them about the criteria concerning Moderate or High complexity testing, after discussing with them the situations,   IF you have a tech that is Licensed and Also has a QIHC, but does not minimum requirement Defined by CLIA in education ,, they CAN NOT do any QA/OC of IHC and antibody work up,, as IHC is defined as High complexity testing.

I also asked about the test systems.  The grandfather clause is only good for test systems that occurred for those time periods.  For instance if CLIA defined the test system after those dates of 1997,, then they are not included and the person cannot perform test and technology created after those dates, since the testing was not in place during the grandfather clause time.  In a nut shell meaning if the IHC staining and antibody was developed after those dates,, you are not covered by the grandfather clause to do the testing ,, can some help clear this up,,

So any help on this matter will do

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