[Histonet] Suggestion for Dual staining Kit/reagent

Nasir Abbas shinwari_1 at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 4 10:36:54 CDT 2016

Hi All
Can some one suggest dual staining reagents for IHC-P (mouse liver tissue) for my primary antibodies: ab183685, GTX53126 and ab25377.I was suggested vectors labs products (following table) but I am not clear about Vector Blue reagent SK-5300 that whether it can be used in IHC-P, because it features shows it is fluorescent. Moreover it is sensitive to xylene and Histoclear may be used as a clearing reagent in this case, which makes me even more worried. Any suggestion and tips for my dual staining?Table:
| Pri-Ab | Vector Lab Products- Suggested |
| ab183685 | MP-7401-15 |
| GTX53126 | SK-4105 |
| ab25377 | MP-5404-15 |
|   | SK-5300 |

Sincerely Nasir Abbas
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