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Terri Braud tbraud at holyredeemer.com
Tue Nov 1 12:30:07 CDT 2016

Hi Cristi - 
We have a large breast practice and we worked with the surgeons and surgical staff to include on the requisition:
"Collect time"
"Time in formalin"
Then at gross, the PA or pathologist grossing calculates "Cold Ischemic Time" and "Duration of Fixation"
All breast specimens are handled as STAT so that larger specimens can be dissected for a block of any residual tumor to be placed in Fixative. 
 If this is done, we calculate "Cold Ischemic Time" and  "Time in Formalin" from that moment.
This is all reported through a Macro.  If there is any deviation from the fixation guidelines (which are also printed on the report through the same macro) then we record the deviation and disclaimer through the "Notes" section on the report.
This is all laid out in our policy/procedure for breast reporting.
I hope this helps, Terri

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Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2016 08:47:43 -0400
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Subject: [Histonet] Cold Ischemic time
Hi histo land!
Referencing CAP requirement ANP.22983, how do you all document cold ischemic time?  Do you have a "macro" that the pathologists input or a disclaimer?  We were recently inspected and we include a "disclaimer" in the reports that the time is less than one hour, but the inspector said that it was not "Accurately documented in the report"...I want to fix this this, of course but wondered if you all had any guidance such that I don't try and recreate the wheel.  Thank you for your time!

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