[Histonet] Question about prelim report for autopsy with neuropathology

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Hi Tim, 
In the hospitals I have worked, we used the PAD simply to communicate gross pathologic diagnoses, so we would issue a gross description of the brain (like the brain weight compared to normal, edema, atrophy, herniation, hemorrhage, etc), "pending microscopic examination", and then follow with the FAD after microscopic exam is done.  It might just be a few lines, but that's OK.  It gives the clinical team a quick update of what was observed and what is pending.


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How do you handle counting days to preliminary autopsy dx (PAD) when doing cases in which the brain autopsy results are the main component of disease? If we accession at the time of autopsy and then let the brain fix for several days before cutting in, then the PAD is many days past the 3-day reporting requirement.

On standard "body" cases we report PAD the same day and final within two weeks. With neuropathology cases it can be up to 10 days for a PAD.

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