[Histonet] Air Bubbles

Charles Riley criley at dpspa.com
Fri Jul 22 09:42:50 CDT 2016

Has anyone encountered the following problem.

Tissue cut and is processed well. There is no distortion at a cellular
level. However anywhere from 30 to 2 days later there are air bubbles under
the coverslip. I know for certain there aren't even the slightest bit of
air bubbles when coverslipped. I have a feeling it could still be a
processing issue as I ran a few tests like coverslipping blank slides and
tissue sections from a year ago when there was no issues. If anyone has any
suggestions as to what the problem could be and potential solutions please
get back to me as soon as possible as this is becoming a major issue for my


Charles Riley HT(ASCP)CM

Histopathology Coordinator/ Mohs

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