[Histonet] Histonet Digest, Vol 146, Issue 10 tissue processors

Steve McClain SteveM at mcclainlab.com
Tue Jan 12 18:06:18 CST 2016

Sakura VIP you can run for decades if maintained. Extremely reliable. The parts are available. 
 I have 3 K series  and a VIP5. The newest is 17 years old, the oldest maybe 35 years. All acquired used and refurbished.

Our newest processor, 7 years, a demo acquired almost new, failed miserably twice this year after 2000 processing runs. Began leaking from multiple sources and reagents, spent hours. Troubleshooting, 2 service calls, etc. 
 I won't name the brand, but every single reagent bottle failed. New isn't always more reliable than old VIP.

Steve A. McClain, MD
PS extremely 

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