[Histonet] Suggestions for making glutaraldehyde penetrate in between little setae of insects for microscopy

Jorge A. Santiago-Blay blayjorge at gmail.com
Fri Feb 26 08:15:57 CST 2016

Hello Histonetetrs:

I am trying to fix insect wings for TEM. Less than ideal fixation appears
to be caused by abundant setae on the surface of the wings. Those setae,
trap air, thus making penetration of the fixative more difficult difficult.
Interestingly, also the wings tend to curl upon themselves.

Options re. fixation:
1. Just submerging the insects mechanically does not seem to solve the

2. We are contemplating submerging and evacuating (intermittently) a few
times for 2 minutes (vacuuming)

3. Are there chemicals that can break the bubbles formed in between the

4. Any other comments or suggestions?

Options to minimize (ideally eliminate) curling of the wings?

If you have any constructive suggestions, please kindly email it to me

blayjorge at gmail.com

Of course, we intend to begin with new freshly collected insects.



Jorge A. Santiago-Blay, PhD

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