[Histonet] FW: Advice regards NaDH and SDH stains?

Bustamante, Lin LBUSTAMANTE at cvm.tamu.edu
Wed Feb 24 11:14:53 CST 2016

Is anyone out there able to help this student? We don't perform, less analyze these stains.
Thank you very much.

NaDH and SDH stains
We are planning to perform magnetic resonance spectroscopy on the cranial sartorius and vastus lateralis muscles of control dogs and dogs with Golden Retriever Muscular Dystrophy to evaluate for differences in the concentration of various metabolites and then compare this with NaDH and SDH stains of biopsy samples from the same sites. However, I am having some difficulty determining how to compare them because I do not know how these stains are normally analyzed; do you employ a grading scale based on the severity of change?

I am trying to confirm which statistical analyses to apply to compare the spectroscopic findings with the histological staining characteristics and thus really need to figure out exactly how the stains will be interpreted! I have been reading the literature to see how NaDH / SDH staining characteristics correlate with muscular dystrophy but it is proving a struggle. I was hoping you might be able to recommend a reference text?

Thank you so much in advance. If there is someone else you would prefer I contact about this then please do let me know.

Thanks again,


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