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Hello histo-neters,
                                   I was able to purchase this system many years back from Dr. Kawamoto because we had many mouse bones we wanted to do IHC, ISH etc. on. After watching the video it was clear that this was not going to be fast and easy. Our impressions were that this was going to take a lot of effort, time and the investigators did not move forward with testing out the kit. We use the Kawamoto tape in some situations as it can give good sections but we did not make this a standard SOP.
       If I remember a few issues we had were that the staining was done completely on the sectioned tape (floating on flowing water) then the tape was mounted to a glass slide under a coverslip. As with everything the devil is in the details and there were a lot of details, from embedding samples with the mounting media exactly  as stated in protocol to sectioning with D-profile blades or disposable but  these had to be special (thicker) blades with a special blade holder angled if I'm remembering right.

We  modified things and made a method that worked good enough but nothing like the slides he sends with the kit , they are perfect.  He is truly a master of this craft.
His protocol may have changed from  ~ 2009 but we thought it was going to take a lot of training and time which is in short supply in industry.

I still like fix/ decal (formic acid or EDTA) and sucrose protect I think this give me good results and great sections when sectioned with tape transfer..

These are my thoughts I hope it helps,

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