[Histonet] Kawamoto protocol online from Rowe lab

Gayle Callis gayle.callis at bresnan.net
Mon Dec 19 11:13:16 CST 2016

Go to this link:   http://bonebase.org/bonebase/


Then click on Skeletal Phenotyping, then go to Histomorphometry to see how
to use Kawamoto tape system with all the sample handling.  Photos and an
excellent video titled High-Throughput, mutliimage cryohistology of
mineralized tissues is invaluable, with Protocol and Materials.   You can
also access a pdf of protocol.  Video access is on home page of this
website.   You will see cryomicrotomy, snap freezing and other techniques to
help you.     


Good Luck


Gayle Callis




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