[Histonet] Corey's apology

Linda Margraf Linda.Margraf at cookchildrens.org
Fri Aug 19 13:59:39 CDT 2016

Hi Histonetters,

Corey Hubbard at Rankin sent me a message earlier today to apologize for accidently sending a message he intended to go to one person, out to the entire list. He did not intend to "advertise" and wanted to see if I could retract the message. Unfortunately, I cannot retract messages that go to the Histonet server and it has already gone out to the list.  Anyway, the rules still apply about vendors. They are always welcome and encouraged to post to the list regarding subscribers questions and concerns but we cannot allow the forum to be used for advertising as it is run by the University of Texas and must remain an unbiased platform.

Thanks everyone for their continued participation on Histonet, by the way.  We still have>3300 subscribers which is highly unusual for a listserv that has been in operation for nearly 20 years!
Linda M
Histonet administrator

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