[Histonet] oil red in WAT frozen samples

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Apply gently heated water on the sections in a way that the gelatin is washed out.René 

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I was wondering if some of you might have experience in the following:

We have had a lot of problems cutting WAT tissue either directly embedded
in OCT or pre-fixed with PFA or formalin (either cold or and them embedded
with OCT.
We solved this problem following Ryan Berry et al, 2014 paper protocol with
We get really nice cuts with that, but when performing the staining with
oil red, we can not remove the gelatin from the cut and the oil red stays
on the top of the tissue cut, it looks like there an oil-aqueous phase the
does not let the oil red enter into the tissue....

Any suggest for removing the gelatin and for letting the oil red entering
into the tissue will be more than welcome!

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