[Histonet] Protocols with unstained slides

Mitchell, Natacha A Natacha.Mitchell at harrishealth.org
Thu Oct 22 16:22:03 CDT 2015

Hello Fellow Histonetters,

We are currently in the process of revising our protocols to reduce the amount of unstained slides cut. Currently, we cut unstains for prostate bx's, (2 H/E, 1 UNS), liver bx's (2 H/E's, 6 UNS), bone marrows (2 H/E's, 6 UNS) and cytology blocks (2 H/E, 8 UNS). I do realize this may be moderate in comparison to other labs where 30 slides are cut for a kidney block. YIKES!! However, in an effort to decrease the amount of unstained slides that are cut and discarded (we do not file unstained slides due to storage constraints) and archive more tissue in paraffin blocks, I am deferring to you all for input. I was curious as to other lab's protocols for these specimen. What are protocols for types of cytology blocks (FNA vs cell block; FNA of thyroid vs FNA of pancreas)? I do understand if specimen is almost nonexistent , it is best to pick up as much as you can because upon recutting you may lose what is left and that upon recutting you run the risk, sometimes, of lesion or positive cells being cut away. It's definitely not an exact science.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful Friday eve!!

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