[Histonet] Help with "Quotes" for presentation

james mcmurry jrmelectric at att.net
Tue Oct 20 07:18:50 CDT 2015

Hello Fellow Histo techs,
This is my first time posting to Histonet. I am looking for experienced individuals to provide me with a quote (very short 1-2 sentences) on what you feel has changed most in histology over the years. I am presenting at the MSH fall symposium and as part of my presentation I would like to include several slides of quotes from Histotechs. My presentation is called "A walk down memory lane". I am a brand new tech just getting her feet wet and wanted to talk to other about the changes in histology. Until I started talking to some techs with 20-30+ years experience I never knew how things were done years ago. I found it very interesting to say the least. Here is a very general example on what I am looking for but please use this similair format:

For me the greatest change is histology has been the increase in personalized care. Next-Gen Sequencing is really changing how we treat a patients exact cancer.
                                                                    Lisa M. McMurry HT (Henry Ford Health System, Detroit-MI)

It could be on microtomes, embedding, special stains, tech duties, molecular or just anything histology related. I am hoping to get 4-6 good quotes. I hope you find a minute to shoot me back a email. Thank you histo buddies for all your help!!

Lisa McMurry BS, LVT, HT
jrmelectric at att.net

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