[Histonet] Pathology labs using Premier for staffing

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The way Premier can break down the productivity/staffing info for your 
lab is dependent on how your organization separates the lab into cost 
centers -- if your lab is all one cost center for clinical and anatomic 
labs together, that's the way it gets reported to Premier, and that's 
how the statistics will come back to you.  These statistics are based on 
billable tests and worked hours for your cost center.  If your 
organization has the anatomic lab as a different cost center from the 
clinical lab, the info will get reported to Premier separately and 
Premier can give you info back comparing you to other AP only 
databases.   There are no labs I am aware of which have Histo and Cyto 
in separate cost centers, so Premier would likely be unable to give you 
comparison data that way.

Pathology Solutions, Inc

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Dear Histonetters,

Are there any labs that utilize Premier for staffing productivity?   For those that do use Premier is the histology section separated from your other lab sections or included with the clinical lab?  And also is cytology considered separate or included with histology?  Do you report volume and staffing?   Or, only report one or the other?

I am trying to find a comparison group for staffing productivity. Our histology and cytology sections are included as part of the entire lab for both volume and staffing.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Amy Self
Histology Lab Senior Tech
Tidelands Georgetown Memorial Hospital
606 Black River Road
Georgetown, SC 29440
ASelf at tidelandshealth.org

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