[Histonet] Coverslip tape

Abbott, Tanya TanyaAbbott at catholichealth.net
Fri Oct 9 08:34:35 CDT 2015

This is more a Cyto question, but, does anyone out there use the Sakura Coverslip tape to coverslip their Thin Preps? We seem to be having a problem down the sides of the slide where the tape is not being pushed down and access glue seems to accumulate there. Sakura tells us it's a drying issue but I really don't think it is, we let the slides dry long enough. It seems to me that the bar that pushes the tape down is not pushing down well enough on the sides. We have changed the springs recently and are on a new roll of tape. Our H&E slides don't seem to be affected.
Any input is appreciated! Happy Friday!

Tanya G. Abbott
Manager Technologist
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